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When you send off your resume for a job, the odds are these days it will be one of a hundred applications recruiters will receive for a single position.

So, what can you do to improve your odds and get your resume at the top of the shortlist?

Unless you are going for a job in a 'creative' or 'arty' industry, it is best to avoid being gimmicky. Weird fonts and brightly coloured paper may simply speed the trip to the rejection pile.

The key is to cut through the clutter and this is something you can take control of.

You need to clearly and honestly detail what makes you different and what makes you the best candidate for the job.

Simply listing your past jobs in date order and dropping in a few bullet points about duties and responsibilities is not enough. This is what most candidates do. Your resume is the most important document that you will ever have (aside from your passport), yet most people give it the least amount of attention, but expect the most from it.

Your resume needs to tell your story. After all curriculum vitae is a Latin phrase that means 'course of life'. So it needs to say what you are currently doing and what you did to get there.

Sitting down and writing your life story is daunting even to those who are confident at written communication and it can take several days to a week to complete. Most people don't have this time or focus to commit to doing the task. The whole process can feel overwhelming.

This is why many people seek the help of a resume service. However, many of these services simply provide basic resume templates and basic content. While a template may provide good structure and consistent layout, it does little to extract the detail about your unique qualities, attributes, skills and experience.

What's frustrating is that you know you can do the job. It's a matter of documenting this to get your foot in the door with an interview. Once you're in front of the interviewer you can 'strut your stuff' discussing your achievements, skills and experience and how that relates to the role you're applying for and why you would be the best candidate for the position.

The best way to demonstrate your abilities and your potential is to provide evidence of how you have been successful in the past.

Many people have difficulty talking about themselves. Going for a new job is not the time to be shy. Nor is it the time to be boastful and arrogant.

A resume specialist can create a winning resume by capturing and writing this detail in a way that will make your resume compelling.

Your resume doesn't have to be War and Peace. Provide enough detail to get the recruiter excited so that you can close the deal in person when you have been shortlisted for an interview.

A well-crafted and truthful resume will get you in front of the recruiter. It is then up to you to win the role.

Get the job you want.

By Megan Morgan - Amazing Resumes

About the Author

Megan Morgan (B.Business) is the Managing Director of Amazing Resumes - a personalised resume consultancy that has helped clients from around the world win the job of their choice.
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